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The New York City Real Estate Regional Center is approved by the USCIS to recruit immigrant investors who want to participate in EB-5 Program. The license is effective as of April 3, 2012. The amended license was approved on October 31, 2017 along with the pre-approval of the Operr Project. Currently, NYCRERC has a 100% approval rate of all filed I-526 and I-829 petitions.

Why Our Regional Center?

NYCRERC's proven EB-5 track record and years of experience make us a reliable partner for those willing to immigrate to the United States. We only develop our own projects which allows for better control over the investment and job creation process. We vet our partners/vendors carefully and are committed to create economically feasible, financially sound, and transparent EB-5 investment projects that can be successfully funded by eligible foreign investors, who will achieve successful immigration outcomes.

Since the inception, we have delivered on our promises to EB-5 investors by running a successful project in New York that met the immigration requirements of the EB-5 program and allowed investors to receive their green cards in expedited manner (sooner than investors affiliated with other EB-5 regional centers).

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Regional Center Benefits

Vetted Investors

Because the Regional Center has a practice of pre-screening the lawful source of investment funds of potential investors, we maintain a 100% USCIS approval rate of I-526 investor petitions.

Innovative Projects

Our project involve the development and commercialization of transportation related software. In addition to software, the project also includes the purchase and operation of up to two parking facilities.

Full Compliance

To date, all components of our EB-5 businesses are fully operational and are creating revenue sufficient to repay all EB-5 loans in a timely manner. The Regional Center is in compliance with all USCIS requirements.

Job Creation

To date, the project has created the minimum of 10 direct jobs for all our approved investors. One of our projects currently employs over 100 employees without assistance from the federal government.

Win-Win Partnerships

The NYCRERC has seen much success and has kept up with the job creation policies for the EB-5 program and continues to stimulate the economy by assisting current and potential investors.

Populous Location

The data released by the New York City Tourism Bureau indicates that the number of tourists in NYC reached 50 million people in 2011. This guarantees excellent market prospects for car service industry.

Summary of Policy Changes

The U.S. investment immigration EB-5 regional center program was reauthorized and there is no waiting time for certain categories of EB-5 visa!

It was established by the U.S. government to attract foreign investment to create job opportunities and stimulate U.S. economic growth. The EB-5 program has a total quota of 10,000 visas each year, aiming to encourage foreign investors to obtain US green cards through investment.

There are two ways to make an EB-5 Investment:

  • One is through the project affiliated with one of the EB-5 Regional Centers. Investors do not need to actively manage the project they invest in, but need to contribute the capital which will create at least 10 qualifying jobs to obtain a green card.

  • The second is a direct investment. Investors need to invest in and manage a new business entity that can directly create at least 10 jobs to obtain a green card.

Immigration Process Summary

  • File the EB-5 Investor Suitability Evaluation Form.
  • Hire an Attorney to Represent the EB-5 Petitioner.
  • Sign the EB-5 Investor Contract with the Regional Center.
  • Transfer and validate the legality of the investment.
  • Submit I-526E Petition and wait for approval.
  • Apply for an immigrant visa if outside the U.S. or file I-485 if in the U.S.
  • Receive Conditional Green Card.
  • Conditions removed after I-829 approval.

Additionally, there is a possibility of adjustment of status with the concurrent filing with I-5126E petition which is a great advantage for those investors who are already in the United States on different types of visas. While filing for adjustment does not provide any status, it does allow for the Employment Authorization Document ("EAD") to be issued along with a travel document (advanced parole).

EB-5 Costs

  • $800,000.00 - Investment amount for EB-5 program.
  • $80,000.00 - Regional Center Administration Fee.
  • $20,000.00 - Attorney fees for filing I-526E Application.

(Attorney fees may vary depending on whether our in-house counsel or your own personal attorney is retained.)

Investment Amounts

  • $1,050,000 - EB-5 General non-regional center project investment amount.
  • $800,000 - EB-5 Targeted Employment Area project investment amount.

In order to improve the timing of green card adjudication, USCIS has established a more efficient process for the EB-5 program:
Investors can submit I-526E and I-485 at the same time but the conversion of status will happen after I-526E is approved. But while pending, investors can legally work in the U.S. and travel outside of the country.

Investor Eligibility

All EB-5 investors MUST submit the Suitability Evaluation Form in order to apply for the petition. Questions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Was your annual income in each of the last two years at least U.S. $200,000, or
  • Do you reasonably expect your income for this year to be at least U.S. $200,000, or
  • Was your joint annual income with your spouse (or spousal equivalent) in each of the last two years at least U.S. $300,000, or
  • Is your net worth, including all assets belonging to you and your spouse, at least U.S. $1 Million (not counting the value of your primary residence).

Complete Eligibility

About Operr Funding Group, L.P.

Operr Funding Group, L.P. is a commercial New York State limited partnership (the "Partnership") that was formed to finance the development of the Project with EB-5 investment funds. The Partnership is designed to comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the EB-5 Program. The Partnership is registered at the same TEA location of the Regional Center. Each EB-5 investor will become a limited partner in the Partnership upon his or her subscription to one unit in the Partnership and execution of the Subscription Agreement, the Limited Partnership Agreement, and the Escrow Agreement if applicable per the respective investor's choice. Each limited partner will contribute a $800,000 capital investment, as well as a $80,000 administrative fee to the Regional Center in its capacity as the General Partner of the Partnership. Investors as LPs of the Funding Group have the option to select the loan model or the equity model to participate in this project. The Partnership will loan the funds to Operr Group to finance project development, and the administrative fee will be used to pay for expenses incurred in conducting the business for recruiting investors and other related costs.

Project Highlights

  • The investment projects are basically completed, and the investment funds will mainly be used for the marketization of the software products. The business model has been initially tested in the market, as a result, the investment risk is relatively low;

  • A total of 60 new investors will be recruited between 2023-2025, with a total expected investment amount of 48 million US dollars, plus the projects are flexible in terms of capitalization and don't require all investment funds at once;

  • Conservatively, the project will create at least 639 qualified EB-5 jobs, but up to 1,273, which will be more than double the amount for the required job creation to substantially increase the success rate of obtaining a green card;

  • There will be two investment options as equity or loan. The term of the loan is 5 years, with the option to convert the loan into shares at a discounted rate after the 5-year loan period. Investors may benefit from price increase of the stock after the company goes public.

Project Advantages

  • Validated business model and clear go-to-market strategy;
  • Experienced management team;
  • Multiple revenue streams and diversification of risks;
  • Clear exit strategy (listing on OTC markets and then one of the national public markets, such as NASDAQ or NYSE);
  • Loan to equity conversion option at a discounted rate;
  • Large portfolio of Intellectual Property, strong innovation capabilities;
  • Better competitive position due to a complex business model with diversified revenue streams. In addition, technology is protected by a large portfolio of IP.

Operr Group Project Summary

The project is development and commercialization of various Management Business to Business (B-B) and Business to Customer (B-C) Software, provision of cloud-computing services and call center operations etc. Operr Funding Group, LP., the new commercial enterprise ("NCE"), is formed for project realization. The Operr Project will develop and market software that will address the shortcomings of the transportation industry while improving business operations. The Company will also offer cloud services, parking and business management solutions. The company goal is to become one of the leading B-B software solution providers in the U.S. and globally.

In 2021, the company was nominated "Top 20 Most Promising Transportation Management Software Providers in the United States" by CIO Review and "Top 30 Fabulous Companies of the Year" by Silicon Review. In addition, it is also awarded the ""nnovation Excellence Award 2023" by Success Knocks Magazine.

Investment & Exit Strategies

Equity Model

  • Subscribing to buy one unit of the Funding Group, LP, then purchase and hold shares in Operr Group through the Funding Group.
Loan Model
  • Subscribing to buy one unit of the Funding Group, LP as a loan.
  • Loan term 5 years with no interest.
  • Option to convert to equity at the end of year 5 equity at the price of 70% 90-days traded market average of the Company's stock.

Phase 1 Financing

(2023/02 ~ 2024/01)

  • First 10 EB-5 Investors for a total of $8,000,000.
  • $0.5/share for the company's stock.
  • The Company intends to get listed on OTC by the end of 2024.

Phase 2 Financing

(2024/02 ~ 2025/01)

  • 50 EB-5 Investors for total of $40,000,000.
  • $0.8 /share for the company's stock.
  • The Company intends to get listed on NASDAQ or NYSE by the end of 2025.

NOTE: Investors must keep their capital invested with and through the "new commercial enterprise" (NCE) until the day the conditions on their conditional Green Card are removed.

The Operr Group

Operr Technologies, Inc. Founded on November 6, 2013, as the leading comprehensive vehicle dispatching service software provider in New York State.

Operr Service Bureau, Inc. Founded on May 24, 2018, as the leading NEMT (Non-emergency Medical Transportation) Billing Service provider in New York State.

Operr Parking, Inc. Founded on May 6, 2021, as the leading garage operation management software provider in New York State.

Operr Tel, Inc. Founded on March 16, 2018, as the leading VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Business phone service software provider in New York State.

Operr Work, Inc. Founded on March 16, 2018, as the leading Employee Management software provider in New York State.

Operr Express, Inc. Founded on November 5, 2018, as the leading delivery and restaurant related service software provider in New York State

Operr Cloud, Inc. Founded on April 20, 2018, as the leading Cloud service provider to support all our software platforms and any other third parties' cloud service demand in New York State.

Management Team

Louis D'Arminio - Chairman

Mr. D'Arminio is serving as a Chairman of the Regional Center from 2015 and he is a former Mayor of the Township of Saddle Brook . He has over 40 years serving the public in government...

Kevin Wang - CEO

Mr. Wang has more than 10 years of experience in operating the Regional Center, a double Master of Laws degree in both China and the United States; a registered lawyer in the state of New York...

David Wood - Vice Chairman

Graduated from Boston University Questrom School of Business, he received his JD in law from Touro College and he will soon receive his Masters in Computer Information Systems...

Shuo Zhang - Project Manager

With more than 8 years of professional experience in software development, Mr. Zhang has a technical background and a Master of Science degree from New York University...

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